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Clothing Alteration Service

Everyone experiences that feeling of happiness when wearing new clothes however there are times when lengths of your new purchases are not perfectly fitted to your physique. The hemline could be a bit too long or your sleeves might need some adjustments. Whatever the situation, we can help you with all your clothing alterations. We are highly experienced and will give you the best results.

Snow White Cleaners are capable of making any kind of changes to all types of clothing. Just bring it and and we will take a look at it with you. The most important aspect of alterations is having it done by experienced and skilled dry cleaners. Our professionals have had years of experience and know how to handle your clothes and adjustments. We do leather cleaning and exceptional alterations.

This is just one of the many services offered by Snow White Cleaners in Encino, CA. We are staffed by true experts in the fields of garments preservation and will make every effort to give you the satisfaction that you want. Visit our dry cleaning store at Snow White Cleaners today and ask about our clothing alteration service.